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Eliminate and Prevent Uninvited Guests with a Building and Pest Inspection in Caboolture

Australia is home to many different critters that think your house would make the perfect home. Complete Home Inspections QLD is knowledgeable about the evidence they leave behind, how to eliminate them, and how to prevent reinfestation. The first step is to have a building and pest inspection for your home in Redcliffe.

Termites do more damage than any other pest which makes termite control a critical part of home maintenance. They live inside your walls so they can be hard to detect but our skilled technicians know all their tricks. If we see evidence of infestation, we can treat the existing colonies and prevent new ones.

Spiders offer benefits by keeping flies and other insects at bay, but Australia is home to some of the deadliest spiders in the world. Cockroaches walk through your cabinets and across your food and dishes and leave droppings as they go. Ants enter your home to find food sources and their numbers can be in the thousands. We offer a general pest treatment that helps control pests in your home for up to three months. 

If you think you are sharing your home with pests, contact Complete Home Inspection QLD, and we can provide you with a building and pest inspection in Radcliffe. Your home represents a substantial investment, and we want to help you take care of it. We can also provide pre-purchase home inspections so you can have peace of mind before buying a new home.

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