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Advantages of Building and Pest Inspection and Termite Control Before Buying a Home in Caloundra 

Buying a new home is an exciting time, especially when you find a home you love. When you find that perfect house it’s time to make prudent decisions because buying a home will probably be the most significant investment you will ever make. Complete Home Inspections QLD can conduct a building and pest inspection in Caloundra so you can make educated decisions about the home you buy. 

Benefits of Building and Pest Inspection in Caloundra

Sellers often put some time and effort into their home to quickly sell for their asking price before they put it on the market. However, they often focus on the superficial aspects such as a fresh coat of paint which means you can easily overlook the issues that will give you problems eventually. Even new construction can hide faulty wiring or plumbing. We look past the façade during our building inspection to provide you with a complete picture of the condition of the home you want to buy.

Budgets occupy the minds of new home buyers, but your building and pest inspection isn’t something you want to skip to save money. In fact, pre-purchase inspections can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of heartache. We can alert you to issues that you may have to contend with later so you can be prepared or the information we provide can prevent you from making a poor investment.

A building inspection can save you money during negotiations. The easy-to-read report we provide will give you the information you can use to get the price you are willing to pay because you will have bargaining chips. If an issue is discovered, sellers often negotiate a lower price to offset the repair costs. However, if you don’t know there are issues, you will go into the negotiation without critical information. If you sign a contract before an inspection is complete, add contingencies that protect you against a poor report. 

The most significant benefit of a building and pest inspection is the peace of mind that it gives you. Our report will put your mind at ease that you are buying the right home or give you the fortitude you need to walk away from a bad investment. If you do buy the home, our report can help you set home improvement priorities that you can address in the future.

Termites: An Ever-Present Threat


Our inspections can involve the building’s structures, its pest condition or both. We encourage you to do a complete inspection because hidden termite damage can cost you thousands to repair. Even if no termites are detected, your vigilance is required to ensure your home leaves you worry-free. We provide termite control to keep the destructive pests at bay.

Before you sign the final paperwork on a new home contact Complete Home Inspections QLD for all the benefits a building inspection in Caloundra affords. We will be there for you after the sale with termite control and other services such as pool safety inspections.

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