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Termites? Signs You Need a Building and Pest Inspection in Morayfield

Termites love cellulose, and your home and business have a lot of it in the wood it contains. Termites are sneaky little pests that can make it hard to notice an infestation until they do thousands of dollars of damage. If you see any of the following signs, you may have a termite issue, but only a building and pest inspection in Morayfield will be able to assess the whole picture.

Termites eat wood, so if you see any damage to the wooden structures of your home, it might be caused by termites. Termite damage may look like the wood is blistered or has water damage. You may see long tunnels or the timber may make a hollow sound when thumped. 

Termites have wings when they swarm to find a new colony, but they don’t need them once they find a home and discard their wings. A new colony may have invaded your home if you find piles of discarded wings around windows, doors, and other portals of entry around your home. Some species travel under the ground and leave pencil-sized mud tubes near your home. 

Termites like clean colonies and will kick out their faecal matter from their areas which you may notice. They eat wood so their excrement can look like mini wood pallets or sawdust. If you see any signs, contact Complete Home Inspections QLD, and we can provide a building and pest inspection in Morayfield. We also offer termite control to prevent issues.

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