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Why You Need a Building and Pest Inspection and Who to Call for Building Inspections and Termite Control in North Lakes

When you’re considering buying a property, it’s important to ensure that you are making a solid investment. Anytime you purchase a building, you should commission two inspections: a pre-purchase building and pest inspection in North Lakes. 

Building inspections in North Lakes

When you secure a pre-purchase building inspection, you’ll learn a lot about the condition of the property you’re considering before you buy. This insight allows you to discover any potential issues that need attention – issues that may be small or large. Some common problems that inspections uncover include leaks, drainage issues, safety hazards, and cracked walls. You can then obtain an estimate for the repair and negotiate the purchase price if applicable. 

Perhaps you Need a Pre-purchase pest inspection

A pest inspection is another important type of inspection that potential buyers should obtain. A pest inspection involves looking for signs of pests such as termites as well as mould and wood decay fungi. Finding these pests later and being stuck with the cost of treatment can be much more time-consuming and expensive than discovering them during a pre-purchase inspection. 

Do you need both?

Building and pest inspections are two separate types of inspections, but they do have some overlap. It’s important to have both inspections before buying any property. In theory, a building inspection should reveal any visual pest damage, but you must keep in mind that the purpose of a building inspection is not to look for active pests. Furthermore, the pest inspection will cover not just the same areas as the building inspection but also up to 30m or so from the building to look more closely for signs of pest activity that may be a threat to the property now or in the future. 

Your building and termite control inspections are carried out before you close on the property – ideally before you even make an offer. The results of the inspections give you a chance to rethink negotiations and possibly get a better price. Or, you may even decide to pull out of the deal altogether depending on what the inspections turn up. A home or other property is a major investment, and it makes sense to be sure that you aren’t making a mistake. 

Joint building inspection and termite control in North Lakes

Some companies such as Complete Home Inspections QLD offer joint building and pest inspections for your convenience. Because building and pest inspections usually cover the same areas, combining these services can save you time and money while getting you results you can trust. Complete Home Inspections QLD service clients from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast, delivering quality inspection and termite control service with a focus on value for money and client satisfaction. We’re a family-owned and operated business offering obligation-free quotes and professional, reliable service to all our clients. Contact Complete Home Inspections QLD today for peace of mind before you buy.


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