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Prevent Termites with a Building and Pest Inspection in Redcliffe

You never want to share your home with uninvited guests such as pests, but some types do more damage than others. Termites tunnel through wood and cause structural damage to your home that can be financially devastating. Complete Home Inspections QLD wants to help you keep them from making your home their home.

The first step is to schedule a building and pest inspection in Redcliffe. Our inspectors can access areas and see signs of infestation many homeowners miss. If we see evidence, we can provide treatment to eliminate the colonies. Our termite control prevents new infestations by creating a termite barrier that lasts up to 5 years.  

Homeowners can take a few precautions that help keep termites away from your home by limiting their food source. Termites eat wood, so you want to stack firewood or excess lumber away from your house. Mulch is a common gardening addition, but it can draw termites to your home. You can opt for a cellulose-free mulch such as recycled tyres or keep a boundary between your mulch and your home.

Before making home improvements, you should inspect the lumber for signs of tunnelling to prevent bringing a colony into your home. Dead trees should be removed from your property as soon as possible. Prevention is more cost-effective than the cure so contact Complete Home Inspections QLD, and we can provide a building and pest inspection in Redcliffe to ensure you stay termite-free.

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