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What To Do When You Discover Termites

First and most important, Don't try to spray them with a household product.

The best course of action is to leave them undisturbed and contact your local Pest Management Service Company.

Most people panic when they discover termites in their garden or home and try to eradicate them immediately.

This will make the possibility of eradicating the nest very difficult for the PMT ( Pest Management Technician). If there are no longer any live and active termites to treat the termicde that is used, will not be effective in eradicating the nest as we require termites to spread the termicide throughout the colony.

In order to effectively eradicate active termite infestation, the appropriate termicide needs to be applied in the correct manner to live active termites. This will allow the termites that come into contact with the termicide to spread this termicide throughout the colony and in effect, destroy the colony.

The chance of this treatment being successful can depend on the quantity of live & active termites that can be treated.

We also recommend, after the localised and effective treatment of active termites, you should arrange for a Termite Management System to help protect your home from further infestation.

Please feel free to contact us for any further advice or recommendations.

Steve Fleming

Pest Management Technician

1300 669266 /

Complete Home Inspections Qld t/a Complete Pest Services Qld

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