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Signs You Need Termite Control and Where to Find Building and Pest Inspections on the Sunshine Coast

Thousands of homes are damaged every year by termites, and the repair costs can be astronomical. Termites can damage homes very quickly, and their activity is often not even noticed until they have caused significant trouble. Termites can be tricky to find because of their behaviour. They can gain access to your home through as little as 1mm of space and then live in the most concealed areas of your property. For these reasons, a building and pest inspection on the Sunshine Coast is essential anytime you are considering purchasing a house or other building. However, you may be able to uncover some of the signs of a termite infestation yourself, such as:


  • Mud trails that lead up the side of the building

  • Blistering on a window or door architrave

  • Very faint chewing or tapping sounds behind plaster walls

  • Soft floorboards

  • Power failures

  • Moisture stains on walls


If you find termites

Discovering termites in your home can be very upsetting, but there are steps you can take to ensure that they do not become an even bigger problem. First, do not disturb them – even if you aren’t sure that they are termites, act as though they are. Disturbing them will frighten them away and make them more difficult to treat. Do not attempt to kill them yourself with store-bought sprays or homemade remedies. Instead, contact your local service offering termite control on the Sunshine Coast. Your technician will be able to identify damage, inform you about the extent of the damage, and advise you on treatment options and cost. 


Your termite control professional can also educate you on how to prevent a reoccurrence. To limit infestation, keep debris away from the perimeter of the building to allow for visual inspection of the property and eliminate concealed entry points. Repair leaks immediately to avoid giving termites access to a free source of water. You can also have regular pest inspections to find any signs of infestation early and treat the problem accordingly. 

Who to call for building inspections on the Sunshine Coast

At Complete Home Inspections QLD, we offer friendly, professional, reliable service when it comes to building and pest inspections. Based in Caboolture, we serve clients from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast. Our 30 years’ experience allows us to deliver dependable inspections, providing you with a report you can count on to help you protect your investment. 

We’re fully licenced and insured, and we place a strong emphasis on client satisfaction and value for money. We can give you the peace of mind you need before you buy a house or other property, or we can help you protect the property you already own. A family owned and operated business, we can provide general advice, obligation-free quotes, and professional service with a smile. Whether you are buying or selling a property or need a building inspection for some other reason, contact Complete Home Inspections QLD, and we’ll be happy to help.

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