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Timber Pest Tips

Hi I'm Steve from Complete Pest Services Qld.

Did you know that termites are more active during the wet season and also thrive in warmer conditions.

This is why our weather in Brisbane and surrounding areas provides the right conditions for termites to thrive. We are locating Termites every week in timber debris left in back yards, in subfloor areas and also in some homes.

While the damage that Termites cause can be devastating, Termites can be treated and eradicated with the right chemical application for each different type of infestation. In some instances a termi-foam may suffice, however more often a combination of treatments is required to provide the best results.

We have all heard the saying that prevention is better than the cure. Reducing conditions that are conducive to termites around your property is a great way to start. Removing any timber debris near or around the home, Avoiding placing garden beds against the external walls that generally hold moisture and are concealing the visual slab edge, Poor site drainage or disconnected down pipes and aircon overflows that provide damp conditions next to the external walls. These are some of the conditions that can attract termites to the external areas of your home and should be avoided where possible.

A chemical barrier can provide the best results in termite protection. However the type of barrier needs to be suitable to the way your home is built. The type of chemical that is used is also critical. I have recently treated a property where a previous pest management technician had used a chemical that termites can detect for a barrier to the home, the problem in this case was the active termites inside the property could not go back to the nest and just kept eating different areas of the framework and skirtings. These termites had become trapped in the home. This problem was certainly challenging. We used a few different methods and locations of spot treatments including Termidor Foam, Termidor Chemical spray and also dusting to some ceiling cavity areas. We also applied a termidor chemical barrier to overlap the previous chemical barrier for the best protection to the property.

Protect your investment. Ask about our combined Timber Pest inspection and General pest treatment package deal today.

If you have any questions or would like some advice, please feel free to call me today on 1300 669266 or 0476 132413.

I'm Steve Fleming From Complete Pest Services Qld and timber pest & general pest management is my business.

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